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Rochester Aluminum

Our Story

Rochester Aluminum is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years’ experience in the Aluminum Smelting Business. The Golden family's endeavours began in 1957, when Founder and President, Jerry Golden started collecting scrap metals as a source of income to help support his family. He quickly advanced as an apprentice under several of the original scrap metal pioneers who were instrumental in growing the North American metals recycling industry. Setting his roots in downtown Toronto in the early 1970's, Jerry founded Bristol Metals and later broke into the manufacturing sector with the acquisition of Rochester Aluminum Smelting Corporation in 1984. This expansion paved the way for the modern state of the art operation that is thriving today. Jerry’s passion and excitement for the business is now shared by his son Simon Golden, the second generation family member to join the business. Together with his highly trained and talented Rochester team, it is the family's goal to continue to grow and improve the business.


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