As an environmentally-conscious organization committed to lowering its carbon footprint and operating sustainably, both Rochester Aluminum and Greenway Industries are focused on minimizing their impact on the environment and the greater community that surrounds our facility. Through the continuous improvement of our operations, we have achieved strict compliance with the legislation and guidelines enforced by the Ministry of Environment.

Our main business goal is recycling, which complements many corporate initiatives aimed at curbing waste generation in our communities. The main goal of recycling is to reuse certain consumer products that are used on a regular basis. Therefore, new technologies that support these processes are continuously developed… To this end, our company has invested significant capital into new processes that aim to further reduce and reuse waste that might otherwise end up at landfill sites.

Our employees are trained extensively on Environmental Policies and procedures. Periodical in-house audits of our environmental controls and equipment are conducted. Furthermore, we maintain an open door policy with our employees in an effort to encourage new ideas and methods that could have a positive impact on the environment. It is our belief that collaboration and innovation can sustain a thriving business while preserving the environment.


Workplace safety is of monumental importance to Rochester Aluminum and Greenway Industries. In an effort to keep all of our employees, contractors and visitors safe at all times, we are focused on the training and implementation of safety awareness and accident prevention measures. We operate in strict compliance with the Ontario Occupational Safety Act as well as municipal and federal legislation.


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